This is a very beautiful, amazing, royal, futuristic and international level bus.

* Driver information display * Intelligent Transport System * Mobile charging * Hotspot * Regenerative braking * Fast charging * Hydraulic power steering


* Integrated motor generator. * Max power 245 kilo watt * Peak power 200kW

TATA STARBUS EV packs a 250 kWh lithium-ion battery pack.


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The top speed of STARBUS EV can also be 65 to 75 km/hour.

Safety * Fire extinguisher * Parking brake * CCTV camera * LED screen * Arm rest * Seat belt

The dashboard has drive, neutral, reverse, help button and battery cut off switch.

Base Model 35 Seater/6300 AC And Top Variant 35 Seater/6300 Non AC

Thick Brush Stroke

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