Mercedes-Benz has commenced production of the new EQS SUV. The company is producing it in Alabama. Since the 1990s, Mercedes-Benz has invested more than seven billion dollars in Alabama.

The company is confident that its team will do everything possible to make it a success. Due to the Tuscaloosa plant being high-tech, production will get a new direction here.

They aim to go completely electric by the end of this decade. Strategy is being done in this direction. The battery of the EQS SUV is based on a modular architecture that is also used in EQE sedans.

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Mercedes-Benz has no doubts, so you know that they have expertise in producing large quantities of battery-electric vehicles.


The fully digitized factory in Bibb County produces batteries for the EQS SUV. They say that from 2024, electricity will be supplied through renewable energy sources.

The factories for production are on three different continents. The company has also started its work for battery recycling. This is a big work being done by the company in this direction.

Today, Mercedes-Benz US International employs approximately 4,500 and also secures an estimated additional 11,000 jobs in the sector. MBUSI is one of the largest exporters of automobiles from America.

Of the seven billion dollars invested, $1 billion was used to upgrade battery plants, logistics centers and production lines to make EVs.

According to various sources

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