Motor insurance is that insurance policy that provides financial assistance in case of an accident of your all type of vehicle like bike or car. For this we have to get our vehicle insured.

Everyone must get their vehicle insured. There are many companies in this field that do insurance. We have a variety of motor insurance policies available for each type of vehicle.

Insurance provides financial protection to the policyholder against damages caused by accidents and other perils of the vehicle. There is not even a very high premium, so definitely get insurance.

Bike Insurance: This covers those two wheelers which you personally own. Such two wheelers are covered against accident.


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Car Insurance: This covers four wheelers that are personally owned by you. They are covered under this scheme. Third-party insurance and comprehensive cover policies come under car insurance types.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance: It covers vehicles which are used for commercial purposes. This insurance provides coverage to every such vehicle.

Commercial Car Insurance: This covers vehicles that use their car for business purposes. It is bought by the owner of the taxi.

Do not drive without third party cover. It provides coverage against legal liability caused by the vehicle to third parties. The vehicle does not cover theft. Premium is also low.

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