42-year-old Sam Felstead, living in Nottinghamshire, England, was staying at her home. Then she got a   heart attack. They have a 7 year old cat in their house.

When Billy sensed some change in his owner, she started jumping on his owner Felstead's chest and also started shouting very loudly.

As Billy did this, Felstead woke up and she went to the hospital with her mother, Karen. When the mother came to know about this incident, she was quite surprised.

The doctors said that it was very good that they came to the hospital at the right time. She underwent angioplasty and remained there for three days.

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If the cat did this, they would not have reached the hospital at the right time. Cat saved the owner from a heart attack by slapping his chest. She got a second life.

The owner told that she usually does not sit with me, but she did not leave his owner alone when she felt something wrong. Everyone around him would do the same.

It may be that the cat is doing this by seeing some physical changes in its owner. Or other people may have other facts.

But she has now gone to work as a receptionist at the Queen's Medical Center in Nottingham with her medicines because of her cat.

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