Auto insurance provides you some financial protection support in case the vehicle is damaged due to an accident, theft, collision or natural calamity etc.

In case of auto insurance accident, instead of paying out of your pocket, the annual premium is paid by you to the insurance company. In return, the insurance company agrees to pay the damages caused to you on the basis of the contract mentioned in your policy.


Auto insurance to protect you from financial loss such as damage to your property, bodily injury, flood, fire or your legal liability towards others, medical expenses, sometimes lost wages and funeral expenses etc.

Premium is what you pay monthly, bi-annually or annually to maintain the car insurance policy. Whereas deductibles are the amount you pay at the time of filing a claim.

What Is Premium?

Your auto policy will cover you and other members of your family on your policy.

Who are covered?

Having a personal auto policy, it only covers personal driving.

Who are covered?

If you use your vehicle for any other transportation then it will not provide coverage through personal auto insurance.

There are also some auto policies coming up that will also cover ride sharing services at an additional charge.

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