Apple's stock price has increased over time. They have the best stock shares. Due to this many shareholders are attracted towards it.

It was founded in April 1976 by Steven Paul Jobs, Ronald Gerald Wayne and Stephen G. Wozniak. Headquarters is in Cupertino, CA.

For the year 2022, this highest price could go up to $210 and the lowest to $181.50. The average price of the stock is likely to maintain $194.25.

In the year 2023, the stock is expected to go up to the benchmark high of $260 and the minimum to $229.00.



By the year 2024 it is expected that the maximum can be up to $300 and the minimum can be up to $291.00.

In the year 2025, the maximum is likely to be $ 426.50 and the minimum is $350. Investors should keep an eye on market movements.

The stock price changes from time to time. This is just a prediction, so before taking any decision, consult a financial expert.